Working and Employment opportunities in Germany

With Germanys’ population now standing at around 80 million it remains the political and economic powerhouse of the EU, and in 2014 it’s historic national role as one of the truly great cultural and technical pioneers of the world is undiminished. It is the 4th largest economy in the world and the second largest exporter. Germany is an attractive place to work with a very high standard of living, low unemployment for skilled workers and relatively cheap living costs in modern cities.

For the job seeker Germany has a strong tradition for research, innovation and technology and the build quality of its internationally renowned products is without equal, for example the BMW and Mercedes cars built here are amongst the most desirable in the world. Alongside the major international companies based here, there is the uniquely German concept of the Mittelstand a large collection of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) that are highly productive, innovative and thriving. These employ up to 60% of the German workforce and it may be here that skilled jobseeker can find work.

In terms of major industries these are ranked (by revenue contribution) as follows: Automotive Engineering, Health Sector, Mechanical & Plant Engineering, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, ITC, Energy & Environment, Construction, Steel & Metal, Precision Engineering, Aerospace and Medical Technology.

Currently there is a high demand for Engineers and IT specialists but also Doctors and Healthcare specialists. If you have skills and work experience in these fields and you are an EU National, getting a job in Germany should present few difficulties. There’s good news as well for skilled workers from outside of the EU member states, as of 2013 if you are a professional with vocational qualifications you may be able to get work here. This is particularly true of professions with a shortage of skilled workers (outlined above), and for those with binding job offers. Your qualification must also be recognized in Germany and there’s a quick guide (as a video) here -

In short Germany offers fantastic opportunities for foreign workers with the right skill-sets, and the chance to live in one of the great European countries.
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